Environmental Health News, 9.14, Mussels lose footing in more acidic ocean

: the strong and flexible fibers that mussels and some other shellfish create to attach to each other, to rocks, and to other sea objects, enabling community-wide flexibility and strength in concert with tidal movement.

~ intention is sense of being connected, little heart connected to big heart, intention is where love goes without ambition ~

Affirmantras & Prayerffirmations

dear ones, in this time of deep change, of global undoing, i am offering my participation with Your intentions, purpose, desires, and becomings.

simply, i am offering to paint and then send You Your words. this practice both assists in connecting Your 'affirmantras' with a greater web of human becoming and gives You positive visual feedback.

These offerings are part of my heartwork, a service to and with You, my fellow sapien. The suggested price of an affirmantra varies pending size, material, even dimensionality -- mantramation mobiles are a possibility! To give a rough sense, I suggest $50.00 USD for an average 8.5"x11" piece, shipping included.

Please get in touch with me by using the message form provided here or by email to share Your thoughts and needs regarding Your prayerffirmations.

-Tew Bunnag, paraphrase from GoI talk 'The Heart of Accompanying Loss and End of Life'

because i enter into a meditative state for the duration of a prayerffirmation's creation, they are infused with an energy that goes beyond my particular self. this is part of their power. seeing them on my walls, a door, or when i open a book, infuses my intentions, requests, and hopes into my daily movements.

To give You a sense of possibility, I've included a number of affirmantras and prayerfirmations I created for my own transformation. The styles, dimensions, and colors are varied. When You get in touch with me, we will discuss Your preferences.
reach me here:

making care and with heart,


here, You will find some of the many current environments, mentors, kin, and matter that form my byssus, that play in my field, inspire me, nourish me, and fold into my becoming.
Hiraman Reynolds

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